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What Hi-Tech Radiators Can Offer With Its Customer Service

Hi-Tech Radiators is one of very few radiator shops that caters for radiator repairs, cleanouts, re-cores, completes & new top tanks from motorbikes to the largest of mining machinery.
Hi-Tech Radiators has a large range of radiators for, forklifts, light commercial & trucks, Heavy Machinery, Mining both in Second hand reconditioned to re-cored or complete new assembly.
We believe that if we cant provide a fast & reliable turn around with a good warranty, it isn't worth doing.
Same day service is a major plus to customers using Hi-Tech as well as a decent warranty on parts supplied & workmanship which gives you the customer a security blanket to want to use our services.

Hi-Tech Radiators are involved in the Institute Of Automotive Engineer as well as Vehicle Air Conditioning Specialists Of Australia better known as VASA.
These groups are all recognised in the Automotive industry as leading groups for staying up to date with all new technical information & problems
Hi-Tech Radiators cater in all radiators to suit passenger cars, vans, 4WD's & light commercial vehicles.
With a large range of stock for all common vehicles also reconditioned units it makes it very easy to turn around a radiator replacement in under 3 hours.

What A Service Consists Of

A service consists of the Removal of the old radiator, full engine flush through the overflow tank & heater core then high pressure air to push out any left over water in the block or any air locks, a new radiator or second hand reconditioned unit will then be installed at the same time checking for
swelling, splitting or hardness in the hoses,
worn or rusted hose clamps,
Sticking thermostats,
Faulty water pumps/ Fan belts,
Heater tap working correctly,
Radiator cap/ faulty fan hubs,
thermo fans working or operating at right temperature,
CO2 head test .
After checking these we then supply a new dose of coolant
Once all these checks have been done the vehicle then will be taken out for a test drive. A service sticker will be put on the top of the radiator. This sticker identifies that in 12mths time you will need to bring the vehicle back for a engine flush & coolant this will entitle you the customer a further 12mths warranty.

For warranty on radiators they are:

Complete new assembly for automotive 3 years (Supply Only) or 5 years (Fitted by Hi-Tech Radiators)
Re-cored automotive radiator 3 years
Light Commercial 2 years
Industrial/ Forklifts & Trucks 1 year

To have you warranty valid you must follow the "Warranty Guide Lines"
Which consists of having your Engine Flushed & change of coolant every 12 months.
These guide lines must be followed or your warranty ceases.

After You Have Had Your Radiator Serviced (3)

Once you have had your radiator serviced at Hi-Tech Radiators you can rest assure that if there is any problems or questions that you are wanting to find out the answer to you can give one of our technicians a ring & they will be able to help you out on any of your problems.

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