Radiator Farication Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Radiator Fabrication 166 Boniface St Archerfield Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Ph: 1300 448 324 (1300 HITECH) Fax: 3276 7587  E-mail
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Reconditioned Radiators Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Radiator Fabrication Brisbane Queensland, Australia
Ph: 07 3277 7087 - Trucks, Heavy Machinery, Mining
166 Boniface St Archerfield Brisbane. We can supply fabricated or custom built Radiators, Oil Coolers and Heat exchangers for, trucks, buses, heavy machinery, mining machinery to Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and Tasmania. Australia wide.

Visit our radiator core manufacturing site > http://www.radiator-core-manufacturer.com.au

Hi Tech Radiator Fabrication Brisbane Queensland Australia
, Refabricated Radiators, Oil Coolers, Heat exchanges, can save you thousands of dollars on new price and last longer then factory production, made from aluminium and brass, ask Hi - Tech how they can save you $$$$ on replacements.

Hi Tech can fabricate any style radiator tank to suit if not improve on O/E equipment for those hard to find tank replacements on all types of machinery both in plastic brass and steel tanks from motor bikes to trucks, earthmoving and generators. All work is done in house with exceptional turn around time. Separate items can be duplicated with out core supplied and pressure tested. This tends to be needed mostly on rusted out steel tanks or plastic tanks that crack due to heat deteriorating the material, we then will refabricate in either brass or alloy depending on the material of core.

Sumitomo ssh300 ( 2000 ) 30 tonne excavator hydraulic oil cooler. The original oilcooler was a steel application that weighed 140.4kg and the one that we just built was a heavy duty plate and bar aluminium unit that weighed 65.4kg and is more efficent then the steel.

Chrysler Header Tank Fabrication top view    Chrysler Header Tank Fabrication bottom view
Header tanks redone in Brass.

Kobota U45 Radiator rebuilt by Hi Tech Fabrication.
An aluminium top tank fabricated to replace parts no longer available.
Going to a alloy tank or a brass tank is stronger and easier to repair if needed on site, also being more cost effective in the long run.

Kobota U45 Radiator rebuilt by Hi Tech

Century1 = This is a a newly fabricated alloy header tank off a freightliner century c120 truck where original was plastic and only lasting average period off 12 months which is far from the life expectancy off the newly fabricated alloy tank with a life expectancy off 5+ years.

Century 89kb= As seen in this picture the alloy tank has been made with also a great finish and no major 90 degree folds which can act as weak points this header tank has also had extra internal supports put in to allow for thermal expansion.

Eagle = This header tank is an alloy copy off an original plastic header tank off a international eagle where the o/e plastic tanks are cracking prematurely from heat under the bonnet and vibration cracking mounting areas so pay the extra and get what you expect from one off hi-techs perfectly hand fabricated truck header tanks.



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